Thank You! So, What Happens Next?


Thank you for letting us know more about your home

We are notified immediately when you complete the form and will reach out to you as quickly as we can. Normally that is within hours or first thing in the morning if you contacted us late in the evening. If you need to share additional details, please respond to our confirmation email you should have in your inbox already!

If you would prefer to call or text us, go ahead we can be reached at 858-264-1900

Being accessible to answer questions and help is important to us. When you call or text you’ll be speaking directly with Tim. There’s no middlemen or call centers in another country. We’re local and available to talk 🙂

– Tim Gordon

Questions? We’ve got Answers!

Who are you?

Gordon Buys Homes is a real estate investment company based in San Diego, California. We have been in business since 2012 and in that time have over 100 happy seller reviews from San Diego home sellers. The company is operated by Tim Gordon and his wife Sara Gordon. 

What Does it Cost to Sell you my House?

There is NO COST. We don’t make money buying and selling homes like realtors do. We make our money by investing in properties and making them beautiful again. As there’s no need for real estate agents there are no commissions and we pay all escrow and title closing fees. 

How does the Process Work? How Long does it Take?

Short answer: As fast as a week

The process is straightfoward, we learn about the property by speaking with you. We view the property to confirm its condition. We write an offer and should you accept, we time the closing to your schedule to make the whole process tailor made to your needs and timeline. 

I am Worried About Getting you Access, What can we do?

Many home sellers we work with don’t live in the house they want to sell. That could mean its vacant, or occupied by tenants, a friend or family member. In all cases we make it a priority to treat each person with respect and honor that this is where they live. That means being polite, never pushy and compassionate during the process of viewing the home and discussing the next steps for those involved. 

This can be a stressful and uncertain experience, our candor is a key element in many of our happy seller reviews as we helped navigate selling a property with tenants. 


How Does Your Company Work? I Don’t Want to be Pressured or Hassled

We don’t like aggressive sales tactics either and won’t support that behavior at our company. Each conversation, each interaction is based on the goal of treating others how we want to be treated. Our intent is to present a cash offer and explain the process to you.

We have no expectations and only want to work with home sellers who choose to work with us. We have countless happy sellers and over the last ten years we’ve learned no business survives on the long term with high pressure sales tactics. Its just not who we are or want to be.